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About Shrishti Interior Designers & Consultants
Shrishti Interior Designers & Consultants is recognized as a full-service interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning. With an active private residential practice, Shrishti’s design teams have direct access to a wide range of high-end design trends and ideas. The full-service firm, headquartered in Mumbai, also provides luxury apartment, model home merchandising and commercial design services.

We believe that interior design supports the built environment through the creation of space that provides inspiration and aesthetic appeal, accounts for the well being of its occupants, and bridges exterior and interior design.
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Thought Leaders
Shrishti, a company which was conceptualized in the mind of Suma Menon, in the year 2007, is continued to being nurtured by her. The company with the help of its team members has seen spurting growth in the field of interior Designing and turnkey solutions since its inception.

With constant networking and the dynamic nature within the team, Shrishti, has been able to work on projects ranging from retail to institutional to dental clinics besides a whole range of others. The team has done a whole repertoire of spaces with utmost appreciation on the end product achieved only due to their sheer passion, hard work and creative minds. Commencing on a small scale Shrishti has been not only able to deliver better designed spaces but also lasting client relationships.

The founding member of Shrishti, Suma, employs an interactive, collaborative design process by implementing effective leadership and open communication. This approach establishes a working environment of trust that enables clients to make fully informed decisions during the design process, reach consensus, and move forward to the successful completion of the project.

Today the team boasts of their capability of not only doing small scale projects of all sizes with equal élan.
The work of Shrishti is based upon the power of design excellence, proficient project management and the achievement of best value and quality.

Shrishti believes in creating spaces and décor which are not only simplistic but also chic, classy, minimalistic in design but also a space that emits a warmth and friendly atmosphere. Value of spaces and better utilization of the same in a practical manner has been their motto throughout. It is this USP that has provided them with frequent referrals and repeated patronage from their clients.
Our Approach
Shrishti's designs approach is based not on a pre-determined aesthetic or a rigid "signature style" but on a philosophical approach. They represent our determined belief that we can transform problem-solving into art.

At Shrishti, our multi-disciplinary staff:creates dynamic environments that support and contribute to the success of the client’s business provides exceptional design that inspires all who occupy and visit the space seeks to deliver services that consistently meet quality, schedule and cost objectives strives to communicate with clients in their own language so that they can make the informed decisions needed to achieve their objectives is committed to acting as a trusted advisor to our clients.
Clients look to Shrishti for intelligent design solutions with clear direction and purpose. The creative process begins in collaboration with the client. It is a partnership with excellence, vision, and value in common. Aesthetics and business objectives are inseparable.

Shrishti's brand promise is to elevate the human experience through design. Design drives everything that we do in engineering, planning & interiors. At Shrishti, we believe that design fulfills and propels each client's goal and aspirations; that design articulates spaces to new levels of effectiveness; that design engages, inspires and fulfills; and that design elevates the human experience.