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Sustainable Designing
Sustainability is central to the history of design innovation at Shrishti, where sensitivity to the environment has always guided design. Our efforts extend beyond the traditional boundaries of design to encompass the total environmental impact of our clients’ organizations, all inputs and outflows, in order to define and understand the nature of the relationship between the enterprise and the environment. This analysis, sustainability planning, provides the basis for long term implementation strategies that delineate a clear pathway to a sustainable future.

It is simply the right thing to do

Our approach to, “green interiors” is informed by this larger vision of sustainability, leading us to new solutions and an interior expression that is premised on environmental synergy. This is a sector that is pioneering, in keeping with the legacy of the firm.

Shrishti embraces environmentally responsible design as being critical to our mission of achieving excellence in client service, design and program delivery. To that end, we are committed to proactive and informed leadership in the pursuit of environmentally responsible design solutions and sustainability is central to it.