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Because every client is unique, our teams engage clients as partners, delivering customized services for each project.

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Interior Designing
Our interior designing practice is focused on creating unique environments that inspire and lift the human spirit, stimulate the intellect, and promote the well being of its users. Our interior design professionals have successfully implemented projects in corporate, residential, institutional, and hospitality settings.

We understand that our designs must react and respond to an existing urban fabric, and operate within that fabric to improve and promote the quality of life for its users. Most importantly, we understand that our designs should stand the test of time, incorporating sustainable design strategies and flexibility to adapt to changing needs and anticipating future maintenance and life-cycle costs.
Project Management
By collaborating with Shrishti’s design team from concept through construction, Shrishti’s Construction Services offers clients an integrated, more efficient delivery process. We provide cost estimating and consulting, constructability review, project/construction management, construction administration and site representation services.

Project/Construction Management
  • Initiation
  • Planning or Development
  • Daily site reports
  • Documentation
  • Cost Management
  • Site Representations
  • Monitoring and controlling the project during the course
  • Monitoring and upholding the quality expectation of the client
  • Handover documentation

Shrishti maintains close contact with the construction market, retaining up-to-date price information that allows us to develop designs within the budget. In addition, we maintain contact with the various construction markets in which we operate, retaining up-to-date price information that allows us to develop designs within the budget
Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions is a type of project that is constructed from the conceptual stage till the project management stage till the execution stage and finally turned over to a client in a ready-to-use condition providing after sale service.
  • Conceptual design solutions
  • Budget Estimation
  • Project Scheduling and management and monitoring
  • Deploying of appropriate teams as per schedule and requirement
  • Quality control and analysis
  • Handover and completion within stipulated timeline
  • Finalization and client servicing
Lighting Designs
At Shrishti, we believe in the power of light, both in the natural and artificial form. Light creates an architectural story, playing multiple roles in the creative process. Not only is lighting on an integral component of the visual design but it also plays the part of narrator to the building architecture & interiors.

Shrishti creates exceptional visual environments for people. Sustainable lighting solutions reinforce interior and exterior architectural concepts while conserving energy, improving productivity and facilitating long-term maintenance. Clients access our services as part of multidisciplinary Shrishti teams or as a standalone offering.

Create Atmosphere Lighting has the capacity to support the architectural integrity of a space by disappearing into its surroundings. It can also be the center point of visual stimulation, excelling as an independent design component.

Evoke Emotion Lighting evokes an emotional persona within a fixed architectural & interior design. Light enters the eye and passes into our imagination, telling us associate and recognize the best moments of our past and transport these atmospheres into our present.

Enhance the Experience Lighting transforms the static into kinetic- adding form, contrast and color to invoke a unique and personal experience. It has the ability to lead us through a space and focus our attention using a combination of subtle dramatic tactics.